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Prague 15 is changing for the better. Further proof of this is the transformation of the current heating plant, which lies near Bolevecká street to a place full of life and greenery. While in the past the heating plant was a blot on the landscape to all those who lived here, the whole area will be transformed beyond recognition. Finally, the residential nature of the site will be preserved such that the surrounding villas and buildings are not disturbed by the operation of the ugly building which stood here for many long years.

SMART LIVING BLV@Horní Měcholupy comprises a new apartment building in a slick orange and grey exterior based on Trigema’s Smart Living concept.

Everyone will find their place here! Whether you’re single or a young family with kids, or middle-aged or older. We can offer you all an extensive range of apartment sizes and fixtures, along with terraces, and balconies or recessed balconies.


Project timetable

  • Sales begin: autumn 2015
  • Construction begins: spring 2016
  • Structural work complete: autumn 2016
  • Construction complete: spring / summer 2017
  • Moving in: summer 2017


Trigema a.s. holding, which has operated for 21 years, since 1994, implements the BLV project through subsidiaries.

Trigema has already completed a number of successful residential projects in Prague-Radotín, Jinonice, Stodůlky, Hostivař, Modřany, Roztoky u Prahy and in Letňany. These projects have involved the construction of twenty apartment building containing over 1 300 new apartments.

Besides residential construction, Trigema has also been involved in other developments. In 2006, we opened the Academic hotel and congress centre in Roztoky u Prahy. We have also completed the Monínec modern recreation centre project..

In summer 2011, we completed construction of the STP Roztoky. (a science and technology park with business incubator and transfer technology centre – a new centre for research and development for startup or established companies mainly in the automotive industry, but also for researchers and developers from the Czech Technical University’s Mechanical Engineering Faculty), with construction of the similarSP Roztoky. project completed in 2014.

Trigema’s last completed residential project is 2Barevné Letňany. Here our modular living concept was first successfully introduced, something we are developing further in out SMART project. The 2Barevné Letňany project also won awards in the Best of Realty and Real Estate Project of the Year competitions.

Our company has also received awards in the competitions Industrial Property of the Year, Building of the Year and also Tour Region Film for its advertising spot for the above detailed Monínec centre.

The sole vendor of the BLV apartments is Trigema Development s.r.o. Construction is contracted to Trigema Building a.s. The architectural design was produced in the studio of (Ateliér Daniel Smitka studio). (Ing. Arch. Daniel Smitka).


What matters (to us)

All producers and vendors naturally endeavour to offer the best all round product for the best price. All such efforts have their limits, and as such we hereby summarise for you the principles we are guided by in every project, which we won’t cut corners on.


In planning each of our projects, we endeavour to think of the future and design our buildings so they serve their purpose in the long term and do not unnecessarily burden their surroundings or the environment. As such, in selecting a location and planning a project we take a look at the surroundings and current buildings and endeavour to ensure our project further develops the neighbourhood’s planning concept.

Sustainability naturally also involves materials and quality workmanship. In all our projects, we endeavour to achieve the maximum energy efficiency, mainly through choosing appropriate materials and ensuring careful workmanship. This means we save our residents money in energy costs and reduce the burden on the environment. We insulate wisely to ensure we achieve the best results without excessively increasing the construction budget – we don’t put forward any objectives we want to achieve at any price; we simply want to save your money and the environment where we can.


We place high demands on the materials we use in construction, and careful workmanship in construction. Just as poor-quality bricks can devalue an otherwise good project, so poorly implemented construction work means the building loses the benefits of the high quality materials used. We are just as uncompromising on our suppliers as we are on our own workers, in order that we can offer you products and services of the highest quality.

Fair price

Our goal is to offer you a high quality smart home or other services at a good, and especially fair price. As such, we do not add any discounts or other special offers for selected clients to our final prices. The prices detailed on our website are final, and in contrast to some of our competitors, we do not overstate them in order to provide apparently generous discounts on them.

We apply a similar approach to our suppliers. We do not look for the lowest price, but rather value for money. Nor do we exploit the tradespeople on our construction sites, cheating them out of their well earned money. In the same way, we have no place for favouritism, protectionism and bribery, and we say goodbye forever to any supplier that attempts to buy a job from us.

We won’t take part in a race to the bottom or a price war, we don’t try to destroy our rivals – we offer a fair price for products and services we believe in and we endeavour to do this honestly.

Do you want to know more about what we take pride in, and what we consider poor practice? You can find our opinions on accommodation and Prague’s real estate market, along with regular analyses of the residential market in ourblog.

  • Best of Realty 3.misto - 2Barevné Letňany
  • Best of Realty 3.misto - Rezidence 3D
  • Best of Realty 3.misto - Barevné Letňany

Other projects

In 2015, the scope of Trigema’s Smart Living concept has been gradually spreading across the whole of Prague. Phase I of the SMART apartments in Nové Butovice was completed in the autumn, and Phase II will be completed in spring next year. So far, we have completed more than 1600 apartments throughout Prague. A new residential project in Plzeň is also under preparation.

Nové Butovice SMART apartments

SMART – it’s not just fittings for smart living technology; it’s an active life within reach of the centre yet a few metres from green spaces. Save your time and energy for heating and running your home. Our new apartments are just a few metres from Nové Butovice metro station, are at low-energy standard and will satisfy anyone who appreciates smart solutions. SMART – it’s the environment, green spaces, amenities, a quarter of an hour to the centre and a maximum of 45 minutes to anywhere in Prague. Don’t stay behind; be SMART.



This apartment building on Chlebovická street builds on the popular Barevné Letňany project, which comprises a Red, Yellow and Blue building. The site will contain 75 new apartments with carefully designed layouts whose nature can satisfy a wide spectrum of clients. Most apartments come with a balcony or terrace. The upper storeys contain mainly large maisonettes.



The small-scale CSV@Řepy project perfectly illustrates the essence of the Smart Living concept. A modest building to grow up in a quiet villa neighbourhood in place of the current dilapidated building.

You can experience a very peaceful atmosphere just a few minutes from the buzzing metropolis. A rural style of life dominates Čistovická street. In place of the current dilapidated and unused building, a five-storey residential project will rise up with 21 apartments and a further three non-residential premises. CSV@Ŕepy best characterizes the idea behind Trigema’s Smart Living concept: it will be a modest building which will develop its immediate neighbourhood; the number of apartments marks the socially richer nature of the accommodation, and its standards ensure a high quality of living.


  • SMART byty Nové Butovice


Like most of Trigema’s residential projects, the architectural design for SMART LIVING BLV@Horní Měcholupy comes from aIng. Arch. Daniel Smitka’s studio. This award-winning architect has been involved in residential building design for over 20 years, and has worked in architecture the whole of his professional life.

He successfully completed his school leaving exams in 1985 at Construction Secondary School in Plzeň, from where he went to the Czech Technical University’s (CTU) Civil Engineering Faculty, then the Faculty of Architecture. He was involved in architecture and design during his studies, e.g. in Prague’s Škodovka (a division of the well-known Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer which was involved in, e.g., power station and power technology design) and civil engineering. After completing his state exams in 1993, he opened his own architectural studio, which he has run successfully up to the present day. He continues to collaborate with CTU as a fellow and is continuing his education.

He has already completed over twenty residential projects – from family villas to multipurpose apartment buildings with hundreds of apartments. His extensive portfolio also includes administrative and industrial buildings, schools, hotels and unique science and technology park projects, sports and ski centres. It involves dozens of projects over the last twenty years.

Many of these projects have been awarded prizes by leading Czech and international architecture competitions – of the various prizes which run into double figures, we should at least mention Building of the Year for the Central Bohemia Region, Real Estate Project of the Year, and one of the most important Czech awards, Best of Realty, which Daniel Smitka’s projects have received a total of four times over the last four years.

Daniel Smitka is the principal architect for most Trigema projects, and he imparts upon them their unique appearance and exceptional human dimension.

  • Daniel Smitka
  • Daniel Smitka
  • Daniel Smitka
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